Papers on Semiconductor Manufacturing

Remember! These electronic versions may differ from the final published papers; please obtain the originals if you wish to cite the paper.

  1. Pete Klimecky, J.W. Grizzle, and Fred L. Terry, Jr. Compensation for transient chamber wall condition using real-time plasma density feedback control in an inductively coupled plasma etcher Preprint, Journal of Vacuum Science & Technology A: Vacuum, Surfaces, and Films, May 2003, Volume 21, Issue 3, pp. 706-717.
  2. Pete Klimecky, J.W. Grizzle, and Fred L. Terry, Jr. “WALL STATE EFFECTS ON Cl2 POLY-SI RIE: REAL-TIME MEASUREMENTS, MECHANISMS, AND FEEDBACK CONTROL SOLUTIONS” Preprint, ICMI’03 Conference, March 2003, Santa Clara, CA.
  3. Pete Klimecky, J.W. Grizzle, and Fred L. Terry, Jr. “ELIMINATION OF THE RIE 1ST WAFER EFFECT: REAL-TIME CONTROL OF PLASMA DENSITY”Reprint, AEC/APC XIV Symposium, September 2002, Salt Lake City, Utah. Pete won a Best Paper Award for this!
  4. H.-M Park and J.W. Grizzle “Sensor Fault Detection in Etch Based on Broadband RF Signal Observation” Preprint, Accepted for the J. Electro-Chem Society, October, 2001.
  5. H.-M Park, D. Grimard, J.W. Grizzle and F. Terry, Jr. “Control of High-Aspect Ratio, Deep Submicron a-Si Gate Etch” IEEE Trans. on Semiconductor Manufacturing, Vol. 14, No. 3, August, 2001, pp. 242-254.
  6. C. Garvin and J.W. Grizzle A Demonstration of Broadband RF Sensing: Empirical Polysilicoqn Etch Rate Estimation in a Lam 9400 Etch Tool. Journal of Vacuum Science and Technology A, Volume 18, Number 4 Jul/Aug 2000, pp. 1297-1302.
  7. Garvin, C., Grimard D. S., and Grizzle, J. W., Advances in Broad Band RF Sensing for Real-Time Control of Plasma-Based Semiconductor Processing. Journal of Vacuum Science and Technology A, Volume 17, Number 4 Jul/Aug 1999, pp 1377-1383
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  9. C.K. Hanish, J.W. Grizzle and F. L. Terry, Jr., Estimating and Controlling Atomic Chlorine Concentration via Actinometry. Repint, IEEE T-Semiconductor Manufacturing, VOl. 12, No.3, August 1999, pp. 323-331.
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  11. H.-M Park , T.L. Brock, D.S. Grimard, J.W. Grizzle and F.L. Terry, Jr. “High-aspect ratio 70 nm a-Si Gate-line Etching process control based on Estimation”Electrochemical Society Spring Meeting, May, Seattle, WA, 1999.
  12. C.K. Hanish, J. W. Grizzle, H.-H. Chen, L. I. Kamlet, S. Thomas III, F. L. Terry, Jr. and S. W. Pang, Modeling and Algorithm Development for Automated Optical Endpointing of an HBT Emitter Etch. Reprint, Journal of Electronic Materials, Vol. 26, No. 12, 1997, pp. 1401-1408.