Since 1985, I have taught courses primarily in the areas of feedback control and applied mathematics for engineering. At the University of Michigan’s EECS Department, these included:

Course notes for the EECS courses have been passed on to Professors Necmiye Ozay and Dimitra (Mika) Panagou. For Michigan Robotics, I designed, developed, and taught:

The material for ROB 101 and 501 has been open-sourced. The material for ROB 201 will be made open source in early 2025.

For Undergraduates Wanting to Learn Control of Bipedal Locomotion: Dr. Wami Ogunbi’s Bipedal Bootcamp

Research Monograph Feedback Control of Dynamic Bipedal Robot Locomotion co-authored with Eric R. Westervelt, Christine Chevallereau, Jun-Ho Choi, and Benjamin Morris, published by Taylor & Francis in June, 2007, is available for free  download. It treats virtual constraints and hybrid zero dynamics for the creation of asymptotically stable periodic motions in hybrid systems. I would also suggest the following papers that significantly extend these methods: Machine Learning, Zero Dynamics and Low-order Models, MPC and Virtual Constraints, Robust Optimization, and Bilinear Matrix Inequalities (BMI). Tutorial material: 2018 HZD Review paper by Ames and Poulakakis, Book Chapter In: Goswami A., Vadakkepat P. (eds) Humanoid Robotics: A Reference. Springer, Dordrecht, and 2015 Survey on HZD in Automatica.