Copyright: These models belong to me and/or my students. You may use them for your own ends as long as you cite their source, preferably a publication of ours where they were either introduced, used or analyzed. Important: These models come with no guarantee of accuracy and no support. If you have a problem with one of them, do not email me; read the paper from whence it came and build it yourself! Nevertheless, many of you will find any models placed here to be useful. I do hope that they are bug free, but I do not guarantee this and I do not accept any responsibility for their use or misuse. Many students are using these models as sources for projects.

Models in MATLAB Format

  1. Planar Biped Models. The three link model is nicely explained in J.W. Grizzle, Gabriel Abba and Franck Plestan, Asymptotically Stable Walking for Biped Robots: Analysis via Systems with Impulse Effects. Reprint, IEEE T-AC, Volume 46, No. 1, January 2001, pp. 51-64. revised version. The five link model is explained in E.R. Westervelt, J.W. Grizzle, and D.E. Koditschek, Hybrid Zero Dynamics of Planar Biped Walkers. Reprint, IEEE-TAC, Vol. 48, No. 1, January 2003, pp. 42-56.[Supplemental Material], and also Franck Plestan, J.W. Grizzle, Eric Westervelt and Gabriel Abba, Stable Walking of a 7-DOF Biped Robot. Preprint, to appear in IEEE Trans. Robotics and Automation, March 2002. [Supplemental Material]Original submission, Feb. 2001.
  2. Dynamic O2 storage model for a TWC. The model is based on work by E.P. Brandt, Y. Wang and J.W. Grizzle, Dynamic Modeling of a Three-Way Catalyst for SI Engine Exhaust Emission Control. Reprint, IEEE T-Control Technology, Vol. 8, No. 5, September 2000, pp. 767-776.