ROB 201 Calculus for the Modern Engineer

ROB 201: Since joining the University of Michigan in 1987, I’ve watched traditional calculus cling stubbornly to outdated methods. Well, no more! This textbook and course isn’t just another revision; it’s a full-blown revolution in calculus teaching. Born from the urgent need for change and my front-line experiences in engineering education and robotics research, it’s designed to shake up the status quo.

This course reimagines the calculus curriculum. Starting with integration rather than differentiation makes more sense—it’s intuitive and meshes seamlessly with programming, like calculating robot movements from velocity curves. We then dive into thechnical asppects of limits and continuity, before taking on differentiation and linking its theoretical foundations with its practical applications, a leap from the typical, mundane calculation drills.

But we don’t stop there. Our journey extends through the realms of improper integrals, ODEs, Laplace Transforms, and beyond. This isn’t just theoretical mumbo-jumbo; it’s calculus made relevant, being piloted in Fall 2024 as ROB 298-001. We’re not just teaching calculus; we’re transforming how it’s taught. Get ready to experience math like never before.

  • Book Excerpt Full PDF provided free to those in the course.
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